In today’s world, grabbing a prospective customer’s attention can seem impossible. With so many competing distractions, how can brands get and maintain people’s attention and be memorable?

One solution, which has been gaining significant traction over the last few years is virtual reality.

“Seventy-five percent of the Forbes World’s Most Valuable Brands have created some form of VR or augmented reality experience for customers or employees, or are themselves developing these technologies.” – Virtual Reality Brand Power Index

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Liminal VR is a multi-award winning company delivering emotionally moving VR/AR/MR marketing experiences and brand activations. We use our world-leading expertise in leveraging the unique emotional effects of immersive technologies to create fun, memorable and deeply moving experiences which drive measurable changes in consumer behaviour.

See the Pixel’s Escape case study here
We’ve created marketing experiences for a wide range of clients and industries including creative and PR agencies, property developers, automotive, healthcare, universities, social clubs, high schools, the beverage industry and more!

Our research team, consists of a clinical psychologist, a VR PHD candidate with a master’s degree in psychology and a behavioural neuroscientist. They work closely with our world class creative and development team on a range of projects and cutting-edge research.

In 2018 we conducted the world’s largest colour-emotion study in partnership with the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health and our client PPG (Taubmans Paint).

And as part of our work with a major brand in 2019, we were able to drive and measure pro-environmental behaviour change with outstanding results.


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