Executive Team

Damian Moratti


Damian is an entrepreneur with almost a decade of experience starting and running I.T. support and eMarketing businesses. His love of existing and emerging technologies combined with a fascination and lifelong interest in all forms of psychology and cognitive science led him to co-found Liminal.

Nick Busietta

Managing Director

Nick is a major projects IT lawyer, psychology graduate and co-founder of Liminal. He is obsessed with the idea that combining human psychology with the power of virtual reality is a natural progression for the human mind. Nick is dedicated to providing the VR community with the means to deliver profound, deeply immersive and transformative virtual reality experiences.

Creative and Development Team

Tin Nguyen


Tin is an artist turned programmer with experiences in virtual reality, game design, web development and visual art. Prior to working at Liminal, he was active in the indie games scene, shipping over 5 titles in 3 years. His aspiration is to deliver higher immersion and impact than he has ever been able to by combining the skills he developed in game design with virtual reality.

David Rosalion

Creative Director

David is a 3D artist, animator and audio designer. With several years experience shipping titles in the Australian indie gaming scene, his skillset includes 3D modelling in varying art styles from photorealistic, to stylised and low-poly, character animation, level design, and UI. He is also an accomplished sound designer and music producer.

Robert Romano

VR Developer/Programmer

Rob is a passionate programmer and designer with a keen interest in games development. He has a Bachelors of Science in Games Development from UTS, and has since worked on a range of self run projects from mobile applications, to board games and digital games. Over the last two years he has led the development of his own digital Game and is now eager to bring what he has learnt into virtual reality and explore its limitless potential.

Emma Johnson

3D Artist/Animator

Emma is a 3D artist and animator with a passion for character animation and storytelling. She has completed the Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments at QUT, during which she learnt how to best bring her characters to life. Emma now aims to use these skills to create immersive experiences that can draw people into a new reality using the full potential of VR.

Tyler Hankinson

VR Developer/Programmer

Tyler is a software developer with experience in game design, digital art and UI design. Before starting at Liminal he worked on several solo projects in Unity, including a multiplayer survival-sandbox game that launched on Steam and gained a community of over 10,000 players. He is eager to work on the intersection of software and hardware to create engaging, meaningful experiences.

Zac Lucarelli

VR Developer/Programmer

Zac is a developer and designer of immersive 3D experiences across games, web and XR. He’s been a VR nerd since 2016 and since then he’s worked across VR games, research and training. He’s also created a 3D web platform that’s been used by hundreds of thousands of users from around the world. He loves creating experiences that surprise and delight users and finding creative solutions to problems. In his spare time he can be found bouldering, taking photos on his XT-2 or taking care of his plant babies.

Research and Psychology Team

Dr Paola Araiza-Alba

Cognitive & Behavioural Neuroscientist

Paola is a cognitive & behavioural scientist with a background in clinical psychology and has completed her PhD in Health Science at Swinburne University. She has extensive experience researching the areas of cognitive neuroscience, educational technology, developmental psychology, and the potential uses and benefits of VR applications. With a strong interest in mental health, well-being and education, Paola is passionate about using methodologically rigorous research approaches to inform the development, evaluation and implementation of virtual reality experiences.

Dr Adam Barton 

Emotion/Cognition Research Analyst

As a key figure in Liminal’s research and development initiatives, Adam specialises in harnessing the intersection between VR and psychology to enhance emotional and cognitive well-being. His PhD research provided him with a nuanced understanding of VR’s impact on attention and mood, knowledge he now applies to shape Liminal’s design principles. Adam’s overarching aim is to unlock VR’s full potential across the domains of mental health, training, education, and entertainment.

Kelly Bramstedt, MPsych (Clin)

Clinical Psychologist

Kelly is a clinical psychologist and passionate mental health and virtual reality researcher. She also worked for over 6 years as a psychiatric nurse. She brings with her a passion to enhance mental health and wellbeing through the use of virtual reality technology. Kelly draws on her dual academic background in both psychology and psychiatric nursing to operationalise scientific literature into Liminal’s virtual immersive products.