The enterprise version of the Liminal Platform is tailor made for the modern workplace, schools and clinics.

Liminal’s team of neuroscientists and psychologists have leveraged the unique benefits of virtual reality to deliver immediate positive changes in emotional and cognitive states including calm, energy, awe, pain-relief, focus and sleep.

An affordable, easy to deploy, fun and engaging tool for improving wellbeing, it is currently being used in workplaces, schools, hospitals and residential aged care facilities throughout the globe to reduce anxiety, elevate mood or relieve pain.

As an enterprise subscriber, your organisation will receive access to all experiences on the Liminal Platform and daily analytics outlining their emotional effects within your organisation.

If you are responsible for the wellbeing of employees, students or patients, the Liminal Platform allows you to offer short virtual reality experiences designed to quickly change how they feel.

Corporate, Clinical and Education Clients

We are constantly adding and ranking experiences and will be implementing new categories and features over time. At the core of the platform are Liminal’s psychometrics, measuring changes in mood and wellbeing with an anonymised analytics feature giving the employer a daily snapshot of what emotions staff are feeling.

This data is invaluable in assessing the effectiveness of the experiences on the Liminal Platform and offers broader insight into how staff are feeling and how their mood is changing over time.

– Example of psychometric report

What are staff, students and clients saying about the Liminal Platform?

Yearly enterprise subscriptions to the Liminal Platform can be as low as $490p/a (ex-GST)
per device (hardware sold separately, starting at $299). To find out more simply click the enquire button below.