Applications to join the Liminal VR partnership program now open!

We’re creating a platform for a new generation of psychological VR experiences designed to give people the ability to choose how they want to feel. The Liminal platform is scheduled for launch in Q4 2018 on Oculus Go, Gear VR and Google Daydream and will initially target calm and energy states. We’re looking for passionate, creative designers and unity developers to create these experiences.

If you join our program, you will not only help us pioneer a new category of VR experience, but will also gain access to our psychological documentation, which has been purpose built for calm and energy.

We’ve spent the last three and a half years experimenting with the most effective ways to quickly and robustly induce emotional and cognitive states in virtual reality. Our team of psychologists, neuroscientists, developers and creatives have worked tirelessly to consolidate this information, along with countless other sources, to create a simple how-to guide for virtual reality developers.

The Liminal platform will rank experiences in order of effectiveness and enjoyability as judged by the results of psychometric testing by users. There are already a number of schools, VR studios and talented individuals working on launch titles for the platform and we can’t wait to see the kind of experiences that they’ll create!

If you, your team, your classmates or your company would like to calm or energise the world we’d love to hear from you and give you full access to our research and help you in any way we can.

For more information please contact